1. Time blind, 3:22

2. Traces, 7:02

3. The Past, 3:32

4. Reason one, 4:24

5. ‘Cause you think of me, 2:07

6. The day will come, 4:42

7. Truth, 4:06

8. Choice, 4:07

9. Cień, 2:24

music by: Magda Bożyk (Time Blind, Traces, The Past, Cause you think of me, The day will come, Truth, Choice, Cień), Radek Kopeć Time Blind, The Past, Reason One, The day will come, Choice), Robert Cichoń (Cień), Michał Tincel (Traces, Truth), Jarema Pogwizd (Traces, Cause you think of me, Truth, Choice), Łukasz Aksamit (Time Blind, Cause you think of me)

lyrics by: Magda Bożyk (all songs except Reason One and Cause You Think of Me), Maria Skąpska (Cause You Think of Me), Radek Kopeć (Reason One)

Jarosław Baran – mix & mastering
recorded in automn 2017 in Firma Producencka Gorycki&Sznyterman and Preisner Studio

Magda Bożyk (vocal), Robert Cichoń (guitar, pedal steel), Władek Grochot (trumpet, flugelhorn), Radek Kopeć (bass guitar, guitar), Jarema Pogwizd (piano), Michał Tincel (drums) and Marcin Dyjak (harmonica), Łukasz Aksamit (guitar), Radosław Bukała (cello)