8.    Words

My words are too dear to me
But I couldn’t bring you nearer than you thought you’d be
Judge me as you think I am
You’ll never understand all the reasons well

Chase me if you dare to run
While I'm hopping over hopes. Be sure you touch the ground
Something's coming up the way, still it makes me think that
I don't wanna play that game

 I don’t need your rockets
 They’ve tried to slow me down
 But you can always come and meet us
 When we’re hanging here around

lyrics/słowa: Radek Kopeć, music/muzyka: Radek Kopeć; vocal/wokal Magda Bożyk, guitar/gitara&guitar synthesizer/syntezator gitarowy Łukasz Aksamit, guitar/gitara& acoustic guitar/gitara akustyczna Rafał Samborski, bass guitar/gitara basowa Radek Kopeć, drums/perkusja Michał Tincel