2.    Traces

All my troubles went away
And my life looks as out of trail
All my traces lost their ways
Since my troubles went away

Mourning whispers murmured pray
Feeding emptiness of shade
I’m losing my mind on memories
Looking out if they would fade

The safest land, the heaviest wings
The warmest pillow where you could die
It’s not a good way
It’s one way drive
Where should I track the sound of mine?

słowa/lyrics by Magda Bożyk
muzyka/music by Magda Bożyk, Jarema Pogwizd, Michał Tincel
w nagraniu udział wzięli/recorded by  Magda Bożyk (v), Łukasz Aksamit (g), Władek Grochot (fh), Radek Kopeć (bg), Jarema Pogwizd (pf), Michał Tincel (d)