The Past

3.    The Past

Was our time lost
Was our time failed
We’re both afraid
It was a mistake
We’re scanning the truth
We’re questioning sense
No one has lied
So why the end

Was our past true
Was our past fair
In all those colors
In all those tastes
Was something wrong
We haven’t seen
We don’t believe in any sin

Maybe it’s time to stop diving in the past
Maybe it’s time to make the turn and brake this path
And let it spill
And let it go
Into the future
To overflow

słowa/lyrics by Magda Bożyk
muzyka/music by Magda Bożyk, Radek Kopeć
w nagraniu udział wzięli/recorded by Magda Bożyk (v), Łukasz Aksamit (g), Władek Grochot (t), Radek Kopeć (bg), Jarema Pogwizd (alp, elo), Michał Tincel (d), Marylaine Racicot (guest voice)